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Welcome, you!

I’m a life coach who helps women come home to the wisdom of their own bright hearts.

I work with women who are fed up with the endless search for something to fill them up and fix them up.  Women who want freedom from the tyranny of food and body obsession, numbing out with Facebook and shopping, staying stuck in dysfunctional jobs or relationships.  Women in recovery who have ditched the drugs, the alcohol, the bingeing but still find themselves knee deep in self hatred and subtle self destruction.

Does this sound like you?

Yes?  YES!

Perfect!  You are my people.  (And I have the best ever news for you).

The shit that you want to get rid of, cut out, disown, and shake off is the shit that paves the path home.  Home to your own bright heart.  Home to being awake and alive and in love with your own sweet self.

As for credentials, I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from The Evergreen State College, where I got to study Buddhism, death and dying and energy medicine.  I’m a psychiatric RN.  I completed the Courageous Living Coach Certification with Kate Swoboda (aka Kate Courageous), a holistic model of coaching that focuses on meeting clients right where they are.  I’m always investing in continuing education and I prioritize my own healing work. I’m currently moving toward certification as a facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie. I’m in ongoing inquiry around mothering, trauma resolution, reclaiming vibrant sexuality, addiction recovery, and ending the war with food and weight. (Spoiler alert: they’re all connected) I’ve got lots of incredible teachers and they’re helping me to explore the intersection of inner work and social justice.

What qualifies me most though, is that I have been schooled by suffering.  I spent over a decade living my life around the small perimeters of a massive eating disorder.  I have been deeply lost in the dark land of addiction.  I lived at a distance from myself for many years.

And today, I live free.  I am at home with myself, which is what I had been looking for all along.

The process is part inquiry and part alchemy.  The tools are courage, curiosity and loads and loads of loving support.

If you feel called to come home to your bright heart, I would be delighted to walk there with you.

Molly Larkin wants to live in a world where every person is awake to the wisdom of their own bright heart.

As a life coach, she brings her experience as a mental health nurse, a student of yoga and meditation, as well as her lived experience of having suffered like hell looking for some way to fix what was never broken.

When she’s not helping amazing women wake up from the trance of unworthiness, you can find her at yoga, in the kitchen, waxing philosophical with friends, or hanging with her guru, aka her eleven year old son, Gabriel.






2 Responses to About Molly

  1. Pat Stryker says:

    I would like to find out more about your (Molly Larkin, R.N.) guided meditations. I attended the Bright Line Healing webinar on Feb. 3, 2018. I don’t plan to take the Bright Line Healing courses now, but I want to know about, and possibly buy, your guided meditations. Where would I find these online and could buy some of them or all of them? Thank you.

    • Molly Molly says:

      Good morning!

      Thank you for your kind interest! At this time, I don’t have any guided meditations available for purchase outside of the Bright Line Healing program.

      If you are looking for some wonderful guided practices, I highly recommend the free app called “Insight Timer”. You can download it to any smart phone and it has a wealth of guided practices. I especially recommend those by Tara Brach and Jennifer Piercy but there are lots more.

      Wishing you the fullest health and happiness!

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