Kate Bio PhotoMolly brings such beautiful depth and presence.  She goes far deeper than strategies and topics with her clients, she really looks at the core of something, going all the way down  to the root.” –Kate Courageous


DSC_0009copyWhat I accomplished with Molly I never could have accomplished on my own. Her presence is so genuine, comforting and powerful; her methods personal and yet universal, beautiful and yet straight to the point.

Together we uncovered a difficult pattern I’d been engaging in without even realizing it (and causing myself all sorts of stress about), and the knowledge I’ve gained in working with her comes up in day-to-day life quite often —

I am a better mom because of it; I am less resentful; I honestly wrote down yesterday, “Have I cracked the code?”. To work with Molly is an honor and a joy and a relief all at the same time.

– Lexie Oneca


IMG_7030I sought out working with Molly after reading her Give Up Hope blog post​ in the bitter cold month of January. Start 2015 by giving up hope? What a brave thing to say in a time when magazines, talk show hosts, and mass media in general, are still focused on pushing women to the limit with the belief that having more, doing more and being more is the key to finding happiness and fulfillment.

In this swarm of more, I felt a desire to stop and take a moment to just be still with what I already had. Talking with Molly allowed me to carve out the time to do this and begin to understand that I was only at the start of a journey of self discovery. 

If you have been thinking about working with a life coach, I urge you to find the time in your busy schedule to work with Molly.

I am lucky to have met many inspirational women who have served as my mentors, but my work with Molly (brave, smart, witty, honest and strong Molly) will forever be etched in my memory as life changing.

Eba Taylor, Fundraising Consultant


Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 2.40.25 PMMolly supported in me in making some major life decisions that impacted my wellbeing, close relationships and the way I do business.

Molly’s gift is getting down to the truth fast and harnessing the power of your innate wisdom to create a solution that often doesn’t feel easy BUT always feels in alignment with your soul, and thus propels you forward in life.

I’d recommend her to anyone any day. Oh wait, I HAVE recommended her to many people!

– Natalia Chouklina, Life Clarity Coach


photoWorking with Molly is like talking to your best friend who intuitively seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it.  She is kind, thoughtful, and spot on in her observations and gentle guidance.

I was feeling a lot of overwhelm with three small children at home.  Molly helped me realize I was operating from a place where I truly believed I shouldn’t have needs (sad but true).  She helped me reexamine that old belief and let it go!

I feel like I could cry when I think about how far I have come and how fast.

My life is better with Molly in it and I truly can’t recommend her services enough!

-Sue C.

Barbara Profile CroppedI started working with Molly just recently – and I LOVE the results already!!!!

I tend to get in way over my head on huge projects and then I can’t seem to figure out if I’m getting anything done. Molly helped me pare my workload down and then prioritize my projects. How happy was I going to be to do something highly visible that didn’t really match my vision?

Molly provides such a valuable mirror you end up knowing more about  yourself than you dreamed was possible for the relatively short time you spend together.  Valuable – oh my, so valuable. Thank you, thank you so much Molly. To all reading this: It’s totally worth working with Molly. She really has a gift for helping people.

-Barbara Ferrier, Artist

SHL2I have had trouble moving forward in my life, and it was through working with Molly that I was finally able to gain clarity on why and to begin the process of letting go.

How nice to jettison old expectations and outdated needs!

Molly is incredibly insightful and compassionate; she helped me think more deeply and see the root of what I’m experiencing. Plus, her warmth and support made me feel safe while talking through my challenges.

Molly is something special, and I feel incredibly grateful to have her in my life.

-Sutton Long, Graphic Designer

DSCN2701For over two years, I dreamed of traveling to Southeast Asia.  The thought of it brought me a profound joy and sense of inner peace but it remained a dream because I was missing some key pieces of the puzzle.

In less than 3 weeks of my life coaching sessions with Molly, I had organized e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g I needed to travel to Bali and India, where I meditated, for 32 days, in a superb ashram, meeting beautiful souls, and experienced a soulful rejuvenation at its best.


My sessions with Molly perfectly aligned me to the realization of my sincerest dreams! She helped me fluidly move into action & make my dreams become reality, step by step.

In essence, Molly simplified the way to my dreams’ destination.

Lynne Marion, Intuitive Life Coach


Your Courageous Purpose Workshop

mollyThis past year, I came to realize that I needed to make major life shifts, but was stuck.

The process of changing seemed way too big and scary.

This workshop was offered at exactly the right time for me.

I took so much away from the day, but the most powerful part is recognizing the power of my stories.

These stories are so deeply rooted in who I am, yet I was mostly unaware they existed.

The ability to recognize and change these stories means the potential for major shifts. I have already experienced concrete, positive change as a direct result of this one day.


Do this workshop! I can’t imagine anyone walking away without major benefits.

-Erica Stuart


Although I have engaged in “similar type” programs before, nothing prepared me for the transformative experience I would have on that Saturday!

I have incorporated so much of what we did into my daily life. Learning tools for uncovering useful information in the (once-viewed-as critical) voices in my mind has made a big impact on the way I treat myself.

Having the opportunity to see what I don’t want my life to look like, has helped me define the daily steps towards the life I want, and deserve.

This experience truly changed the way I view my days, my life, and most importantly, myself.

I highly encourage anyone considering to take part in one of Molly’s sessions, to give this gift to yourself. You will leave with lasting connections shared with fellow women, a powerful resource in the spirit and energy that is uniquely Molly and her innovative coaching approach, and a deeper understanding of and connection to your higher self.

-Tamara Pineda







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