Come home to the wisdom of your own bright heart.

What happens when we abandon our inner wisdom?

  • We become homeless, disembodied, disconnected from our emotions and intuitive guidance
  • We tell ourselves we can’t have what we really desire and substitute shadow comforts/obsessions-food, approval, things
  • We compare ourselves to others and continually come up short
  • We postpone our lives and tell ourselves we will be happy when we are…(thinner, out of debt, married, in a better job…and on and on)
  • Life feels brittle, constricted and flat

What happens when we come home to ourselves?

  • We acknowledge and align with our deepest desires
  • We release behaviors that are self destructive or out of integrity; kindness becomes the only thing that makes sense
  • We experience life directly; there is a sense of ease, freedom and vitality
  • Emotions flow rather than stagnate; laughter and tears come easily
  • We inhabit our bodies with love and reverence
  • Life feels rich, spacious, and colorful

“Any situation, no matter how challenging, can become an open doorway to awakening.” -Pema Chodron

If I could sum up my coaching philosophy in one sentence, that would be it.  (Special thanks to Pema, teacher of my heart.) My experience has shown me that the habits and patterns we most want to get rid of will reveal our heart’s desires, if we are willing to turn toward them them with courage, kindness and love.

We are, all of us, longing for wholeness.

That yearning, that hunger (the one you might keep trying to feed with ice cream or work or Facebook) is a gift.  Since we can never, ever get enough of what we don’t really want, that hunger will continue relentlessly pointing us toward the truth.  What we most want (love, joy, succulence, wholeness, peace) is available, is abundant, is within.

You, my friend, have the keys to the kingdom.  I can help you find ’em.

The tools are curiosity, compassion, and tremendous courage.

If you want to be free of what no longer serves you, if you want to come home to yourself, here’s how it works…

I meet with clients two to four times monthly. I only take a handful of clients at a time so that I can make myself fully available to you. In most cases, I require a minimum commitment of three months. We are creating deep and lasting shifts.

Your investment is between $1200-5000**, depending on the scope and format of our work. Money and coaching sessions are only the beginning of your commitment–this work asks that you prioritize your integrity above all else.

I will challenge you.  I will tell you the truth; I am here to serve you, not to please you.  I am 100% committed to love and to holding you to your brilliance.  I see you.

Most of my clients come to me through invitation and referral.  If you have found your way here and are curious about the coaching process, let’s get on the phone.

You can contact me at to request a powerful conversation (gratis).

For those who bring the willingness, open heart and full commitment, I can tell you this: life will never be the same.

**I reserve a few sliding scale spots and am working on a group program for folks who have the commitment but not the cash. Been there.


2 Responses to Coaching

  1. Lynne says:

    Is this comparable to the program Bright Line Healing which you are doing with Susan Pierce Thompson…I like the description you have here but feel the description for the program with Susan is vague.

    • Molly Molly says:


      My personal site has been on hiatus while I’ve been creating and teaching the Bright Line Healing program. My one-to-one coaching around food and weight is quite different from the BLE approach. However, what you’ll find in Bright Line Healing is most definitely in alignment with what’s here on my site. If you have additional questions about the program, please call in for the Q&A I’ll be doing tomorrow evening. If you have questions about personal coaching, you can write to me at

      With care,

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