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“What’s my purpose?”

It’s hard to answer this question when life feels riddled with to-do lists full of other people’s agendas, a job you hate, a marriage that feels more like being roommates than soul-mates, or no time for yourself.

A lot of people talk about “searching for” their life’s purpose.  That externalizes all of it, taking you away from your own heart center.  The truth?  Your life’s purpose is what you say it is.  When you know what your priorities are, you live a purpose-driven life.

YCP-title-graphicis a workshop that gets to the heart of prioritizing what truly matters most, to you.  Based on the work of the Courageous Living Program, we’re examining the choices, the questions, and the challenges that either bring you closer to a purpose-driven life, or farther away.

The result?  You’ll come away from this course knowing what’s working, what’s not, and what to do about it so you can feel grounded in your choices and see clear progress forward.

* Get to the core of what you truly want, weeding out the distractions and creating focus.

* Completely change the relationship with your inner critic–so that it’s no longer your adversary.

* Uncover the old patterns that play out, year after year, largely unseen.  When you see  them clearly and with the support of a life coach and a group of women in community, you’ll be able to change those patterns, once and for all.

* Create your Life Vision Statement, a statement of purpose that will change how you orient your day, your to-do lists, your relationships…everything.

* Get energized around commitment, so that you can stick with changes and make them long-lasting.

How We Do This:

Anyone can read a book about gaining insight or clarity into their purpose, and that might be helpful. What we’re coming together to do is join with a like-minded tribe.  This is about connection with others, the benefit of others sharing their reflections when you ask for help, and having a ton of fun (because this work of purpose?  It doesn’t have to be so serious!).

If you’ve craved an environment where you’re surrounded by people who “get” you and you’ve wanted someone to help you articulate for yourself how things have become stuck and how to get life moving forward, this is the course for you.


Doing this work has impacted all areas of my life.  As a result of practicing with these tools, the critical voices that used to stop me in my tracks have become an integrated part of who I am, offering valuable information and a greater sense of wholeness.  I feel braver, truer, and more “on purpose” in my relationships, as a parent, and in my work than ever before.

 What others have shared and more:

mollyThis past year, I came to realize that I needed to make major life shifts, but was stuck.

The process of changing seemed way too big and scary.

This workshop was offered at exactly the right time for me.

I took so much away from the day, but the most powerful part is recognizing the power of my stories.

These stories are so deeply rooted in who I am, yet I was mostly unaware they existed.

The ability to recognize and change these stories means the potential for major shifts. I have already experienced concrete, positive change as a direct result of this one day.


Do this workshop! I can’t imagine anyone walking away without major benefits.

-Erica Stuart

“Although I have engaged in “similar type” programs before, nothing prepared me for the transformative experience I would have on that Saturday!

I have incorporated so much of what we did into my daily life. Learning tools for uncovering useful information in the (once-viewed-as critical) voices in my mind has made a big impact on the way I treat myself.

Having the opportunity to see what I don’t want my life to look like, has helped me define the daily steps towards the life I want, and deserve.

This experience truly changed the way I view my days, my life, and most importantly, myself.

I highly encourage anyone considering to take part in one of Molly’s sessions, to give this gift to yourself. You will leave with lasting connections shared with fellow women, a powerful resource in the spirit and energy that is uniquely Molly and her innovative coaching approach, and a deeper understanding of and connection to your higher self.”

-Tamara Pineda


Workshop Details:

This is a small group in-person workshop in Rochester, NY.

Sunday, November 15 from 9am-5pm.  Cost-$100, click “add to cart” to purchase.  Questions?  Hit me!


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